We are very happy to sell our puppies to kind, loving families where there is a solid family unit where ideally someone is at home throughout the day to look after the dog. We do sell to families with children where appropriate but those with children under 5 are discouraged until the children are older.

Although most gundogs make great family pets they can be over exuberant when young children are around and some children may actually be scared of a puppy. Be honest with yourself as there are still too many dogs in rescue centres, a dog is for life. The average gundog lives to about 13 years some longer unfortunately some shorter. We know of some 15 and even 16 years old.

One of the main endearing/frustrating characteristics of a gundog is its love for its owner which is mainly focused on the pack leader 'YOU'. The pack leader will be followed wherever they go no matter if the dog is fast asleep or not, it will appear as if by magic on any excursion around the home i.e. to the toilet, kitchen or bath. This is the same no matter is you have one or ten cockers, the only difference is you have a larger crowd waiting for you.

If you decide to buy a gundog think about the colour, sex, genetical / inherited problems, the pedigree behind the dog, temperament, life expectancy, vet costs / insurance, feeding costs, training and exercise requirements and grooming requirements . Cockers, Sussex and Vizslas are a fantastic breed to own so don't be put off but do your homework and enjoy!

All puppies are lively, playful, mischievous and willful. They have sharp teeth that can bite when playing and claws that scratch when little and can get into all sorts of trouble. They need lots of sleep to grow, but when they are awake they need constant supervision.

They are a dog and not a baby and can quickly become dominant if allowed to be, which is a recipe for disaster. You need to assert your dominance over the puppy and make sure it is the lowest in the human family pack.